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Introducing Rank Tracker Pro

Finally there is a service that lets anyone track how well their websites rank and what keywords bring in the most traffic and customers.

There is no need to download and install anything. There is no need to schedule daily updates. You tell us what keywords you want to track and we do the rest. We spin up our servers, start collecting the data and show you the pretty charts.

We let you see exactly what the long-term impact of your link building activities is. What worked and what didn’t. We show you how much love your efforts are getting from the search engine spiders.

We show you how your keywords rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines and help you make an informed decision about where to focus your SEO efforts.

Simple and powerful

Whether you need to track just a handful of keywords or keep track of the whole portfolio of websites you manage, we have the solution for you.

Best of all, there is a 10-day trial on all our plans. If you’re not satisfied with the service you’re getting, cancel before the 10 days trial is over and you will never be charged anything.

Since all the processing and tracking happens on our servers, you don’t need to worry about remembering to run the daily updates, you don’t have to deal with bandwidth constraints or switching proxies to avoid getting banned by Google, you don’t need to install software updates whenever the search engines make a slight modification in how they display their results. We save you all that work.

The service runs in your browser – it doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Mac OS X – any recent build of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer browser will work.

Who is using Rank Tracker Pro?

  • Website owners promoting their products and services
  • SEO Consultants promoting their clients websites
  • Affiliate Marketers promoting CPA affiliate offers

To start using Rank Tracker Pro, go ahead and select a plan and start tracking all your keywords today.

Have more questions?

Please review the FAQ for the most frequently asked questions. We are continuously adding features based on your feedback. Let us know what’s missing.